torek, 25. marec 2014

Flyfishing for Marble trout-Marmoratta

Flyfishing for the marble trout is one of most exciting and also most challenging flyfishing for trouts. Marble trout is an endemic species found in Slovenian rivers, like Idrijca and Soča river and all the tributary rivers which flow into Idrijca and Soča river. Those rivers are most famous, but there are some »hidden« rivers where mostly the local fishemen flyfish for marble trout. Those rivers are Vipava river, Reka river, Rižana river etc. However, marble trout is our biggest trout, because it grows to a much greater size than all other species of trout in Slovenia. Some largest individuals exceeding up to 125cm in lenght an 20kilo in weight. Besides marble trouts there are also hybrids(marble x brown), which can often be simmilar to marble trout, but they have ussualy body covered with red dots, and also the can be visiually very varied. Also the hybrid can reasch 1m in lenght and 10 kilo in weight.

Flyfishing for marble trout should bu adjust to flyfishing for big predators. It is not like nimph or dry fly fishing. Sometimes in spring and with much luck you can even catch them with nimph or dry fly. But most of the time you have to put time in streamer fishing. The whole techniq must be based on heavy streamers which can reach the river bottom fast, also when searcing marble trout in deep rapids, dams, cascades etc. Streamers should be 6-10cm in lenght. I use mostly 7cm and 10gram heavy weight jig streamer, imitating a muddler. 

Like for any other predator, the best conditions for marble trout are when river level is high, a little muddy,  when river level is rising up, when raining etc.  Best time for marble trout is in spring and also autumn. During the summer, chances for catching a marble trout are small, because in summer the river level is ussually low and when sun is up it can be very hot. So in summer you have chance only early in the morning. During the day you better try nimph or dry fly for grayling or rainbow trout.

Marble trout is a real predator. It also act more like pike than a trout. Ussually they stand still, almost not moving at all. But when they hunt, they move searcing for bigger prey. Marble trout is most of the time hidden between the rocks, under the fallen trees, on the river bottom…Smaller marble trout can be seen swimming in the current pickin the dry fly or nimph, but when marble reach sice about 50cm it gets more and more predator instinct.

torek, 18. marec 2014

Fly fishing for " WILD" fish in Slovenia

Fly fishing for WILD fish in Slovenia

As a  flyfisherman , I always search for wild(natural) fish.  I am talking about fish, which can reproduce and provide eggs by natural spawning in the river.
A lot of poeple come in Slovenia for flyfishing without a guide. But they can be disappointed, because they were catching »stocky« fish. Of course fishing for wild fish takes a real fishing knowledge, also knowing the river and best conditions for the fishing. So only the fishing guide will take you there where you can catch wild fish. I am glad, that we can offer all of this.
In this article i present you some photos and videos of different fish in different river wich are wild and inhibates wild fish.
Here is a link, wich present you natural spawning in river Sava Dolinka. In a video there are wild rainbow trout during the spawning »dance«.
Here is another link of spawning at Idrijca river. In a video you can notice male marble trout protecting spawning spot of the »intruders«.

So my friends, there are rare and hidden places where fish are still wild, but those places are mostly known by local fishermen or best fishing guides. A real flyfishermen will easily recognize different between wild fish and stock fish. A difference is so huge as in color of the fish, thins and also its a big difference in a approach to the flyfishing in a different flyfishing tehnique. 
There is no doubt, flyfishing for wild trouts is a superior way of doing it, because of the challenge.

Tight lines,
Gašper Konkolič