sobota, 23. maj 2015

Flyfishing for a wild fish is ulltimate


The last week we were fishing Kokra river, typical alpine river, which inhibated only with wild brown trouts, rainbow trouts and graylings.
The river is quite diverse, it runs through 3 narrow canyons with gravel sand beaches, big rocks and balvans… I can say that Kokra river is one of most beautiful and charming river in Slovenia.
We mostly fish with 4#rod, nimph and dry fly fishing. During the day we caught some rianbows and browns salso with a dry fly-sage on a 14# hook. Most of the time fishing is not easy, fish are timmid so you really need to sneek behind a rock and cast upstream nimph or dry fly. It is a real challange , but a lot of fun.

Come and try.