nedelja, 26. oktober 2014

When the hucho hunts

Hucho hucho – the danube salmon is a very special fish of Slovenia. Many people simple do not understand that this fish is predator which does not realy behave like other trout species, which are active almost every day during the fishing season.  So when does the hucho hunt?

Hucho hunts almost the whole year, but you should accept the fact, that is more or less active when the weather is changing.  With the hucho fishing, you should know the facts which are decisive for successful fishing on hucho hucho. Those are:

Air preasure;  the best is when air preasure is low or getting lower (for example: when air preasure is 1010Mba and it is falling down to 1000 or less Mba At my expirience the best is under 1000 MBa…). In that time fish would intinctively hunt for bigger prey like nose fish, graylings, trouts and also bullheads, mice etc.

High water level;  the best time is when from low water level gets ti high water level and water is getting milky. Hucho would move (hidden under the rocks) and hunt.

Clouds, rain or snow ; i always bet on snow, but also the rain is good

The worst conditions for fishing on hucho are; low water level and sunny day, change from cloudy weather to sunny, high air preasure…

When you do not have good conditions you better fish early in the morning or lately in the evening, it is not immposible to catch it, even when you have a bad conditions.