torek, 14. april 2015

Flyfishing at Sava river and Lipnica creek

For this weekend on Sunday me and my friend Evgen decided to fish easy going, just for few hours. In the morning we started flyfishing at Sava river, casting some streamers-muddlers. After few casts i hooked a hucho-danube salmon app 60cm, not the big one but still some action… During the day we used more nimphs for some rainbow or brown trout. We were using small tommy nimphs tied on 16# hook. Nimph was perfect. We caught some wild rainbow trouts and also some grayling in sizes up to 45cm.
It was 12 o clock when Evgen said to me : » Come lets check tributary creek Lipnica«. I said, ok lets go there for 1 hour. As soon as we came down to the small stream Lipnica we started catching fish after fish. It was crazy. Oh, I need to tell you that Lipnica creek inhibates only wild fish, so fish looks really awesome, awesome colors…We caught some rainbow trout in sizes up to 35cm. It was almost 13.00 so I tied 6cm 5g muddler for some last casts before we ended fishing for that day. I just casted 2 times under the dam in the white water and bubbles . I stripped 2 or 3 times and BOOOOOMMMM….What a strike! After 10 minutes fighting with a fish  in the river bed and on the bottom, I landed in my net pretty wild brown trout. Gorgeus fish just for the end. Wow!

See you next time, tight lines guys.

sreda, 08. april 2015

Opening marble trout season

For a 3rd. Of April i was fishing with my friend Klemen at some small rivers, managed by fishing club Tolmin.  As you already know i prefer small rivers and creek while i fish for my self.
In the morning it was preety sunny weather and the river Bača was low, so we did not expect catching many marble trout, but anyway this time we were just easy-going and enjoying nature.  We where using small muddlers and we caught some small marble trouts and cross breed in sizes up to 40 cm. We also caught a beautiful grayling app. 40cm. After 3 hours of fishing we decided to take a break, so we went back home to Klemen having some lunch.
It was getting cloudy in the afternoon, so we decided to fish for 1 or 2 hours more.  While we were driving to a small stream (Trebuščica) it started raining and i thought, perfect maybe we catch some good size marble. We where driving up along Trebuščica river for 30 minutes , to some hidden spots in the canyon. We did not take waders, we were just casting muddlers from the shore so we did not make any noice, no crossing, no walking into river. We just wanted to sneek up  as good as we can.
In the canyon Klemen said to me: »Try just to jig a muddler under a big rock«. So i was climbing up the rock and holding my rod. I dropped a muddler under the rock in a deep pool and jig it 2 or 3 times then I saw marble comming and it took a muddler very aggressive.  After a short fight we landed a marble app. 50cm in the net. It was a just perfect, pure nice looking marble trouts.  After taking a few photos we released a fish.
It was just perfect, we realy enjoyed that rainy afternoon fishing. I like fishing in rain while my aim is catching a marble trout.
So guys, season is opened. Welcome!