nedelja, 01. november 2015

Start of the danube salmon season at Savinja river

Danube salmon season at Savinja started today on 1.November and it will last till 14. of February. The river is appropriate for flyfishing for hucho while river is not as wide as Sava river. Savinja river is besedes Sava Bohinjka one of best rivers for flyfishing on hucho.

So season started today, water level was low, and we had sun, we would call those conditions bad. But start of the season is always best and ussually bring some good fish, like today it brought us 104cm long hucho.

Congrats, and welcome!

torek, 20. oktober 2015

Why is hirring a fishing guide is a key for best fishing?

Lots of times when people had already fished in Slovenia (with fishing guide) think that next time, when they come to the same spots that guide took them last season for example, would be the same (good) result. It might be but it is not always like it.

It depends of some facts, that would bring you success on a water. Ussally good fishing guide would take you to the spot where is no fishing preasure, so that spot is prommising and fish would not hesitate to take the fly or the lure that you casted.

So this is the KEY of best fishing in Slovenia. It is not the specific fly or lure, it is about the spot, it is about the approach to the spots…that is why you hire a best fishing guide.

Welcome to Slovenia and to fish with HIDDEN PATHS.

nedelja, 18. oktober 2015

Fishing for danube salmon when season opening

Like everywhere season opening is best for catching a danube salmon. There are some rivers that have already opened season and result were fantastic. Lots of danue salmons were already caught and released.

But for flyfishing for danube salmon there are 2 rivers appropriate, like Savinja river and Sava Bohinjka river. Savinja river opens danube salmon season on 1.11.2015, Sava Bohinjka 1.12.2015.

Folks do not miss season opening, when chances to catch a hucho are best.


sreda, 23. september 2015

Very enjoyable flyfishing with hidden paths

Recently we fished some attractive small alpine stream with in intact nature surrounding. We were walking upstream trough bigger rocks, balvans or narrow canyons, crossing green or emerald color of rivers. This is a place where time »stops«, so make sure your mobile is off because your everydays thinking will be off also.

During the upstream walk we fished with nimphs mostly, but suddenly we saw some hatching. We switched immediatly for a dry fly. We had so nice dry fly action in those hidden rivers, hidden from a fishermen, it was just like flyfishing those rivers for the very first comming there.

Amazing, that is all what we can just say!

torek, 25. avgust 2015

Small streams – tenkara style paradise

In Slovenia, we have many small streams just appropriate for those »small stream freakz« who enjoy fishing alone in intact nature and tenkara style using some small nimph or dry fly.  I must admit that i am one of them. I like hidden spots, where you almost climb the rocks from one pool to another and searching for some wild brown or marble trout.

Those spots are just like you would return in time of your childhood, exploring really hidden places and fishing only with a wooden stick and 3 meteres of your fishing line…for sure best experience ever.


ponedeljek, 17. avgust 2015

Flyfishing with hidden paths

In Slovenia we have many river just perfect for a flyfishing. But the last 5 years there is so much preasure by the fishermen  from all over the world, that some rivers can be overfished. Those rivers are Soča, Sava Bohinjka, Idrijca and some others. So you can imagine that fishing on those rivers is very difficult cause fish became so shy that they ignore nimphs and also dry flies, hatches are short like 10 minutes before the dark and so on…
So that is why we fish other rivers also nice green colored with very nice intact nature surrounding. We call it »hidden« rivers, which are mostly fished only by few locals fishermen. Flyfishing at those rivers is like a poetry. Fish are active almost the whole day, they are not shy, so they take nimph or dry very aggresive.

When we flyfish we flyfish with hidden paths.

Flyfishing as a primarily conection with nature

We, the people have survived thousands of years hunting and fishing for food. Actually is in our genes.
In the past hunting and fishing was just for survival, for the community we lived in, but now is more like searching for some outdoor experiences and reconnection with nature. I think that people search more like just being out there, than searching for trophies.
At the end of the day, actually it does not count how many fish did you catch or how big where they. All it counts is a story, made in a intact nature, majestic rivers or small creeks and of course moments of fish taking your flies.

It is best when you make story with us, the hidden paths.

nedelja, 19. julij 2015

Tržiška Bistrica river never let you down

Me and a friend of mine had a very nice dry fly action at Tržiška Bistrica last Sunday.
When we came to the river we saw that waterlevel was really low. So first we tried some nimphing but after some casts we changed for a dry fly – stimulator. That really work just perfect that day, so we caught many brown trouts and some rainbows. We lost big fish app 60 cm, which took a stimulator also. We still managed to catch nice rainbow app 50 cm.

Good flyfishing, welcome.

Excellent flyfishing in hot summer weather

Previous weekend we fished 2 days. First day we spend time on Soča and Bača river, second day we fished Bača and Kneža river in the morning than we moved to Sava river same day.
At Soča river we fished mostly with dry flies – stimulators(grasshopers) and fish were striking stimulators like crazy. We mostly caught rainbow trouts. In the afternoon we moved to Bača river where we fished for marble trout with nimphs. We caught one app. 35 cm and we lost one app. 45 cm.
Next day we started early in the morning at Bača river. When we came to the river, I spotted marble trout app.  45 cm taking dry flies. Without hesitation i tied stimulator. It was difficult to cast precisely so first cast was bad, because stimulator felt on the surface just 1,5m behind the marble trouts back, but for our big surpise a marble trout turned around and took a stimulator without hesitation…wowww!!!
Next marble we caught at Kneža river. I saw it standing on a shallow sandy pool. We sneek behind th rock and when we were ready we casted a nimhp. It happened the same as before…marble trout took it without hesitation. We landed in our net app. 50 cm long marble trout. Just perfect!
In the afternoon we did 2 hours  ride from Bača river to Sava river. Actually we were running for graylings. When we came there it was 2.00 in the afternoon. We spotted graylings from the bridge taking dry flies. I tied red tag. First cast and …take! We landed app 40 cm grayling in our net.

That was perfect flyfishing…see you soon! 

ponedeljek, 13. julij 2015

Hiking and climbing mountain Škrlatica

 On Saturday we did one of the toughest hike in Slovenia – Škrlatica 2740 meters above the sea level, 1800m of ascent.  Officially paths up to the top and back down would take you 12 hours, but we did it in 7,5hours that day. At first the path is quite easy, walking trough the forest. After 2 hours of walking  you come to the high walls and balvans, than the climbing area starts via ferrata.

There is no mouintain hut on a top, and there is no spring for fuelling your plastic bottels  with water so you really need to take app. 4 liters of water with you. That is why Škrlatica is so tough but the views on a top are just fantastic . We were deeply touched by the beauty of sorrounding mountains. We had a realy nice weather and a great day.

sobota, 11. julij 2015

Graylings from Sava river
Sava river is largest river of Slovenia. I prefer fishing in the upper parts of Sava river where it has some really long runs whit rock and shallows and deep pools on the other side.  For me personaly the most enjoyable flyfishing is for graylings. They are good challange, because their takes are so fast. Ussually you have only  one second to strike it in time… For sure the best is when they take dry flies, but also with nimph is fun. With nimphs we use »chech style nimphing« , so short line.

Come and try luck.

sreda, 08. julij 2015

Nice fishing in a hot weather

When hot weather we ussually do not expact good fishing. But this time we have chosen 2 rivers for best flyfishing. We fished Sava Dolinka upper part and Sava river.  At upper parts of Sava Dolinka the river current is realy fast and water temperatures are quite low, just perfect for hot weather. Fish was active also on a surface, so we fished with dry fly. Red tag was number one that day. We caught also some brown trouts with nimphs. Next day at Sava river we fished for graylings, which were also active on surface, so we enjoyed dry fly action.


četrtek, 02. julij 2015

Flyfishing in summer time

We are getting summer time in Slovenia which means warm weather with temperatures up to 33-35 degrees Celzius.

Fishing during warm weather can be quite tough during the day so we mostly pay attention to early morning and lately afternoon hours when we mostly fish with dry fly if there is a good hatch, otherwise we fish with nimphs.

For those who are more in streamer flyfishing there is a chance but only after the rain, when milky water or higher water level.

Anyway in summer time we search and fish some colder rivers or some alpine creeks which are ussually reaching  teperatures of water inbetween 15-17 degrees Celzius. Those are Sava river, Soča river, Radovna river, Kokra river.



ponedeljek, 22. junij 2015

Sava Dolinka river

Flyfishing for a wild fish at Sava Dolinka river and reservoire is for those who are searchers- searchers for a big wild trouts. The river is inhibated with rainbow trouts, brown trouts and lake trouts. Fish specimens are really big. Smallest fish i caught here was 45cm brown trout. Fish ussually reach in size up to 75-80 cm. As they are all wild they fight so strong, so that we use 0,18mm tippets or fluocarbon 0,22-0,25mm(4-6kilo=8pounds). 
However fishing is mostly tough, but when you get right conditins on the water you can catch them in large numbers.

petek, 19. junij 2015

After the rain is time for a big fish

Recently we were flyfishing with hidden paths for a wild fish. The fishhing was quite tough while hot weather and low water level, so we fished sneaking behind the bushes by the river, not wading in the river, it was more like hunting for a single fish.
On the last day we got rain, so we decided to try fishing after the rain. Wow man! It was fantastic!
We caught 5 really big wild rainbow trouts and some smaller app 50-55 cm. Biggest fish was 75 cm male. River was milky green, but fish took big nimph and also dyfly like stimulator or elk caddis.