ponedeljek, 17. avgust 2015

Flyfishing with hidden paths

In Slovenia we have many river just perfect for a flyfishing. But the last 5 years there is so much preasure by the fishermen  from all over the world, that some rivers can be overfished. Those rivers are Soča, Sava Bohinjka, Idrijca and some others. So you can imagine that fishing on those rivers is very difficult cause fish became so shy that they ignore nimphs and also dry flies, hatches are short like 10 minutes before the dark and so on…
So that is why we fish other rivers also nice green colored with very nice intact nature surrounding. We call it »hidden« rivers, which are mostly fished only by few locals fishermen. Flyfishing at those rivers is like a poetry. Fish are active almost the whole day, they are not shy, so they take nimph or dry very aggresive.

When we flyfish we flyfish with hidden paths.

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