ponedeljek, 22. junij 2015

Sava Dolinka river

Flyfishing for a wild fish at Sava Dolinka river and reservoire is for those who are searchers- searchers for a big wild trouts. The river is inhibated with rainbow trouts, brown trouts and lake trouts. Fish specimens are really big. Smallest fish i caught here was 45cm brown trout. Fish ussually reach in size up to 75-80 cm. As they are all wild they fight so strong, so that we use 0,18mm tippets or fluocarbon 0,22-0,25mm(4-6kilo=8pounds). 
However fishing is mostly tough, but when you get right conditins on the water you can catch them in large numbers.

petek, 19. junij 2015

After the rain is time for a big fish

Recently we were flyfishing with hidden paths for a wild fish. The fishhing was quite tough while hot weather and low water level, so we fished sneaking behind the bushes by the river, not wading in the river, it was more like hunting for a single fish.
On the last day we got rain, so we decided to try fishing after the rain. Wow man! It was fantastic!
We caught 5 really big wild rainbow trouts and some smaller app 50-55 cm. Biggest fish was 75 cm male. River was milky green, but fish took big nimph and also dyfly like stimulator or elk caddis.