sreda, 11. februar 2015

The choice of the destination – searching for hucho


There are always two types of fishermen. There are those who take a fishing trip knowing that will certainly catch fish and do not want to run any risks cathcing no fish and there are those who prefer venturing on places and some rare fish species like it is hucho hucho, the danue salmon. You need to be ready to discover new horizons and commit yourself as self- denial, intuition and a lot of passion just to catch one fish in 5 or 6 days…
It is clear that fishing trip for hucho is not the destination for those who expect to catch a lot of fish in an easy way and with no effort, but that fish would bring you so much joy if you catch it, that you will remmember that moment once and for all.

torek, 03. februar 2015

Flyfishing for marble trout or danube salmon- hucho hucho

Flyfishing for those two species is almost simmilar. We use mostly 9# or 10# rod, sinking lines and streamers. For marble trout we use usually 7-10cm in lenght, for hucho hucho 10-20cm in lenght of the streamer.
Also the best conditions for flyfishing on marble trout and danube salmon is when water level is rising, getting milky color or even brown color of water.
The very important thing is that fisherman do not wade in the river if it is not necessary. Usually we wade only when crossing the river or so. Also very important is not to make any noise with walking on the shore (espacialy when you have low clear water level). So for the best results you need to cast from the shore.
Often people are making mistake when they stay at one pool too long time. Belive me if the marble trout or danube salmon is hungry, it would take a streamer on a first cast. Casting 5 times in same direction is usually only waste of time. On the picture below you can see how you can cast the pool in appropriate way without wasting time.
With marble trout or danube salmon is just like you need to find those fish who are hungry so ussually when the pool is small size 5 casts are enough, for bigger poool 10-15 casts. If you have no strike, you just move to another pool, simmple is that.