torek, 20. oktober 2015

Why is hirring a fishing guide is a key for best fishing?

Lots of times when people had already fished in Slovenia (with fishing guide) think that next time, when they come to the same spots that guide took them last season for example, would be the same (good) result. It might be but it is not always like it.

It depends of some facts, that would bring you success on a water. Ussally good fishing guide would take you to the spot where is no fishing preasure, so that spot is prommising and fish would not hesitate to take the fly or the lure that you casted.

So this is the KEY of best fishing in Slovenia. It is not the specific fly or lure, it is about the spot, it is about the approach to the spots…that is why you hire a best fishing guide.

Welcome to Slovenia and to fish with HIDDEN PATHS.

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